Lego The Lord of the Rings


Prior to playing Lego Lord of the Rings I heard great things about the authentic recreation of Middle Earth in Lego form.  Having played the game I can confirm that what I heard was true. It’s best described as the best bits of all three films crammed into one game with a Lego skin.  The musical score and voice acting are taken directly from the film to give it the big Hollywood blockbuster feel, which I think is a stroke of genius.

The style of play is the same as other Lego games.  Levels are also linked together using a central hub, much like Lego Batman 2 has Gotham City but this is Middle Earth.  All the famous LotR locations are here such as The Shire, Mordor, Isengard etc.  As the game progresses you unlock more characters which then become part of the travelling party.  You can then switch between the characters in order to use them for different tasks.  There are 18 levels in total with an average of 20 hours gameplay time.  Even once you’ve finished the game there will still be more studs to collect or places to unlock with your new characters. 

I’m not complaining but how is it that Lego games make better games than those which are actual movie tie ins.  If I’m away from home then this is a great game to have for a quick play and also one of those games that I play just before bed.  Even though I know how the story ends it’s still enjoyable to watch.  The Lego games series is fast becoming our family’s best choice for child gaming (and mine as well!).