Diablo 4: A Long-Awaited Triumph of Darkness and Adventure

After a painstaking wait of 11 years, Diablo 4 has finally arrived, carrying forward the legacy of its predecessors while introducing fresh concepts. This highly anticipated game has the power to entice players to take a break, dedicating countless hours to immerse themselves in its captivating world.

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So what are the main features of the new Diablo?

The level of production and presentation of the plot

The action of the game takes place again in the world of Sanctuary. The existence of humanity is threatened by the demoness Lilith, the daughter of Hatred. She once created Sanctuary with the angel Inarius, but now she wants to enslave it. The main character must destroy Lilith and her followers.

Unlike the previous parts, Diablo 4 immediately catches the story. We are finally being shown how evil works, and it is frightening. Demoness Lilith promises people liberation from the limitations of faith and subjugates the weak in spirit. For the sake of the daughter of Hatred, people are ready to go against their friends and relatives. We constantly feel the presence of Lilith, even in places where there are no followers of her. There are statues in her honor around the world, and sometimes her eyes appear on the screen for a split second.

Diablo 4 is truly the darkest game in the series. Hopelessness is constantly emphasized in the story and secondary missions. Immerse yourself in the world of Diablo is now much more interesting thanks to the production. In previous installments, players were shown pre-recorded CGI cutscenes or animated comics. In the fourth Diablo, almost all the videos are made on the game engine and are played in real-time. Your protagonist becomes an active participant: engaging in dialogue and interacting with other characters throughout the game.

There is always something to do in the open world

Separate acts with their own locations were replaced by a full-fledged open world. While some still criticize the new open world, most players liked the changes. It’s seamless – loading screens only appear when entering dungeons. Each region has its own unique environment, weather conditions, and wildlife. For example, the starting region of Kiowashade is covered in snow, while Kerrigar features vast dry steppes. Between the settlements, you will meet not only enemies but also animals – for example, deer, rabbits, and bears. Also, the game features a dynamic day-night cycle, allowing you to explore Sanctuary both during the day and at night.

In addition to story missions, there are other activities in the open world. In basements and dungeons, you can find useful equipment and aspects – additional effects like fire for weapons and armor. New settlements appear on the map if you free fortresses captured by enemies. Sometimes random online events will start near you. There you and other players will fight off waves of enemies or complete tasks – for example, protect civilians for two minutes.

The open world came in handy for the Diablo series. In large spaces, it is interesting to consider the environment and explore the world. If you don’t want to follow the story, there are always simple quests for you for 10-15 minutes. At the same time, the tasks are varied: for one assignment to collect 15 bones of skeletons, there will be at least five story-rich missions. In some quests, you don’t even need to kill enemies: for example, civilians may ask you to hand over an item to their relatives. The developers have also prioritized player convenience. Throughout the open world, you’ll find numerous shortcuts and alternate paths, making navigation more convenient and efficient.

The gameplay of the game was brought to almost perfection

The Diablo formula has remained the same: you kill thousands of enemies with basic attacks and abilities that spend an essence bar on. Often the games in the series are called routine and are criticized for the fact that the player literally has to call opponents with the mouse or gamepad buttons.

However, Diablo 4 brought some important gameplay changes. From the console versions of Diablo 3, dodge has moved into the fourth part – it is available to all classes. Thanks to this, fights are faster and more dynamic: you can avoid enemy attacks without losing your health. During the dodge, the hero just manages to restore energy to the ability.

More exploding barrels have also appeared in locations: after triggering, they cause a lot of damage to weak opponents. On high difficulty, the benefits of the updated combat system are clearly visible. In battles with especially difficult bosses, you have to think tactically: save health potions, watch for a series of attacks, and dodge at every opportunity.

One of the new features is the character customization ability. When you enter Diablo for the first time you will need to modify your character appearance so that it will perfectly suit you. Blizzard, the developer, claims to have provided players with an unprecedented level of customization options, aiming to make their latest title the most inclusive game in the series.

Whether you are a die-hard Diablo fan or new to the series, Diablo 4 offers an exceptional entry point. It caters to beginners with its flexible difficulty adjustment, and its story campaign stands out prominently compared to its more minimalistic predecessors. For an even more immersive experience, gather friends or acquaintances to embark on this adventure together, allowing you to fully grasp the allure of its gameplay.