Zootropolis – The best family film I have seen in a long time (Contains Spoilers)

Ever since I walked around the Toy Fair in January I have been very excited to see the new Disney film Zootropolis and so when the DisneyStore offered to send me a voucher so I could take the girls to see it I couldn’t say no.

Zootropolis follows the adventures of Judy Hopp a bunny who wants to grow up to be a cop, something that has never been done before. In a society based on inclusion and working together it shouldn’t be an issue but Judy faces a lot animals who doubt she has what it talks to become law enforcement and even when she proves them wrong and graduates top of her class in the academy she is still given the lowest job possible as a traffic officer. She soon stumbles in to mischief in the form of Nick Wilde, a sneaky fox who knows more about running a scam than anyone else in the city.

Officer Hopp soon hears about a weird case involving 14 missing animals all from the predator side and vows to help find them despite her fellow officers laughing at her. With the unwilling help of Nick Wilde, Judy sets off on an adventure through the different parts of the city and finally cracks the case.

Both of my girls love going to the cinema and they have both asked if we can go and see Zootropolis ever since it was first advertised so they were really happy when I finally said yes. They absolutely loved the film and came bounding out of the cinema talking about all the different things that had happened and about the different characters. Elizabeth loved Judy Hopp and her carrot recorder but Alison preferred Flash or Nick. Although they both thought that the sceen in Little Rodentia was the best as Judy Hopp runs through the town like Godzilla when she is usually so small against other animals.

Although Zootropolis was written with children in mind I was laughing as hard, if not harder than the kids and the film manages to touch on some really important issues such as politics and racial descrimination which is a great message to send to the children who are watching. Disney have always been about acceptance but never has a film discussed these topics so openly and I think that this can only be a good thing. Its not just the topic of the film that has become more mature but there are also lots of humour that will go straight over the childrens heads and lots of small references to popular culture that the grown up audience will enjoy (look out for the breaking bad reference, which is my favourite. Although Hubby thinks that the Godfather references were the best).

Zootropolis is one of the best films I have seen in a long time and one I would happily go and sit through all over again very soon (something the kids are asking for already!). It has lots of twists and turns and some amazing characters that help to bring the whole film together. Disney managed to take each animals characteristics and our own expectations and turn them in to these wonderful characters that are believable and really do come alive on screen.

It is hard to choose a favourite character but I have to say that Flash holds a place in my heart and I have never laughed as loud in a cinema than I did right at the end.

The Disney Store have some great Zootropolis products and Elizabeth has decided that she wants a Zootropolis themed birthday party in June so make sure you check oback to see all my plans on how I am going to pull that off!