Yummy Mummy: How To Recover Your Skin After Pregnancy

The body is put through the wringer by pregnancy. The tiny human growing inside of you drains a huge amount of energy and precious nutrients from your body like a sponge. After you have given birth not only will you feel exhausted, but you can look it too. Restoring and recovering your skin’s natural resources and combating any skin conditions pregnancy has given you should be a top priority. Here are some skincare tips for post-pregnancy from the experts.

Dealing With Hyperpigmentation And Dark Spots

After pregnancy, many birth-givers can experience hyperpigmentation on the face and other areas of the body. Here, the skin starts to darken in patches or spots. This can be caused by anything from sun damage to acne scars, but after pregnancy, it is usually caused by a hormonal imbalance.

One of the best ways to treat hyperpigmentation and dark spots to restore your natural skin tone is with the help of an Obagi Nu-Derm system. City Skin Clinic offers professional skin care using Obagi Nu-Derm systems to help people recover their skin after pregnancy or when they suffer hyperpigmentation and dark spots from other causes. The Obagi Nu-Derm system can give you back your natural glow in just a couple of treatments.

Tightening Skin Around The Body

To renew and replenish the skin’s natural recovery system and to tighten areas of loose skin around the body, you need to monitor your diet, exercise regularly, and hydrate. This can be difficult to do with a newborn baby to look after, but after nine months of pregnancy you deserve some ‘me time’, and you should use it to invest in yourself.

Cardio exercises like running, jogging, cycling, and swimming are great for burning fat and toning skin. Build up your exercise regime slowly, do not do too much too quickly after childbirth. Pairing cardio exercises with a protein-focused diet can be very effective. Protein promotes collagen production, which the skin needs to repair itself. Balance your protein intake with healthy fats and fibre to help tone your body and skin after your pregnancy.

Cleansing, Exfoliation, And Relaxation

After nine months of pregnancy, you are long overdue for a spa day. Having a full cleanse, exfoliating the skin on your face and your body, and relaxing for a day can do wonders for your skin. It is also great for your mental health and general well-being. Getting taken care of and treated by professionals at a spa can also make a welcome change from the demands of parenthood.

Cleansing and exfoliating the skin helps to remove toxins, impurities, dirt and grease that can build up when you are pregnant. Having a deep cleanse creates an opportunity to replenish the skin all over the body with moisture, rejuvenating its look and removing lines, wrinkles, and treating stretch marks. Relaxing and resting can be incredibly beneficial to the skin and to your mental well-being. Schedule a spa day or a break away a month or two after you give birth to give you some ‘me time’ to look forward to.

Focus on Your Scalp and Hair Care

The process of pregnancy can be grateful, but it is also marked by physical changes, such as hair loss.  Hormonal changes cause postpartum hair loss in many women, which may be uncomfortable. If you are looking for ways to restore your hair after pregnancy, consider exploring the potential benefits of red light therapy. “Does red light therapy help with hair loss?” you might be wondering. Studies have shown that red light treatment has the ability to promote hair growth by stimulating hair follicles and enhancing blood flow to the scalp. This non-invasive procedure gently affects the scalp and may be a promising option for recovery after hair loss after childbirth. To ascertain whether red light therapy is an appropriate option for your unique circumstances, consult with a medical practitioner or dermatologist as you would with any treatment. Combining this therapy with a healthy lifestyle and proper hair care can help you restore your lush curls and regain self-confidence after pregnancy.

Take these steps to start feeling and looking like yourself again after pregnancy. With the right skin treatments, some rest and relaxation planned, and a healthy diet balanced with exercise, you will be a yummy mummy in no time.