Would these work?


I hate weddings and any type of occasion that requires me to be dressed smarter than I like. I love wearing jeans and trainers and being comfortable in my clothes.

This week we have a wedding to attend and yesterday I went shopping to buy something new to wear. I have been told that smart jeans will be fine for the dress code and as long as I avoid the colour green then it will be fine.

My main problem is shoes. I own converse and trainers. I don’t do shoes or accessories but I know in this case I need too. You can’t go to a wedding in trainers and no jewellery I would just look out of place.

This is the outfit I am planning on wearing. The jeans are black nicely fitting firetrap jeans that are quite flattering. The top is a loose but flattering top. I managed to get them both from Sports Direct for £23 so I still have the ability to buy some nice jewellery and a nice pair of comfortable but smart shoes.

My problem is finding things that match. I found these black chelsea boots which are on offer at New Look and I think that because my top is so plain I could really do with a large intricate necklace.

I can’t decide on which one would work though. What do you think? Solid with tassels or the Aztec type design one?