When did she get so big?

As I look at my youngest baby I realise how big she has become. This month was her five and a half birthday, yes she has got to the age where every half counts and she likes to tell everyone too. It is like that half a year has made her grow up so much. I no longer have a five year old, I have a proud five and a half year old.

As well as getting older she is also getting taller and this is causing all manner of problems. Her trousers are all swinging around her ankles and the bike she has been riding to school is so small for her it looks as though it belongs to a toddler instead.

It is hard to admit that my baby is now very much a big girl but it has come to the stage where I cant hide from that fact any longer. Alison has always been a deep sleeper so I didnt really worry about the fact that she still wore pull ups at night time but even that has changed in this last month as she has now become dry at night and I no longer need to add pull ups or nappies to my shopping for the first time in nearly seven years. If it wasn’t for the fact that I don’t actually like babies I could almost be getting broody but instead I am celebrating my daughters and how grown up they are becoming.

As with all major milestones becoming dry at night deserved a treat and so we have been looking for kids bmx bikes to replace her current bike. As she is a tomboy we have particularly been looking at boys bmx bikes and I was shocked to find that I had to buy her a 16″ one. I was really surprised to see how different all the kids bmx bikes were and I really had no idea what I was looking for. Luckily for me Alison didnt seem to care as long as the boys bmx bike was the right colour! 

She is so proud of her new bike and she loved taking it to school and showing off to all the other children. As the oldest in her year she is one of only a handful who can ride a bike and they were all jealous of her new bmx. Now if only we could teach Elizabeth how to ride her bike we could all go cycling together. Anyone got any tips on how to teach a very nervous rider?