What to do on a date night?

Even if you live together, sometimes work commitments – and, especially if you have kids – can leave you with little time to spend together. This is why most couples choose to put one evening off every week to spend specifically with each other; and spending that time together is important for keeping a good relationship great.

Get glam

Your partner already knows you’re gorgeous, but a date night is a great excuse for both of you to dress up smart. Whether you’re going out or staying in for dinner, make it a little more special by wearing your best dress and making an effort with your hair. If you feel a million dollars, you’ll look it.

Go walking

A starlit romantic walk together through the countryside can be a perfect way to spend with each other. Pop into a quiet pub on the way back for a drink, and you’ve got a simple but memorable evening with your loved one.

Playing games

Why not cosy up with your laptop and partner to play some online games? TV lovers will like playing an online version of Deal or No Deal on Ladbrokes, or even some quiz games. And if you’re feeling lucky, play for money to win a little something towards your next date night!

Meet half-way

Opposites attract, and sometimes date nights are about compromises. If he’s into live music and you’d rather sit in a pub, go to your local bar and watch a jazz band. There are some great ideas for partners who prefer different things on the Good Housekeeping site.

Eat in or dine out?

It’s all very well going to a posh restaurant every now and then, but cooking an equally posh meal together at home can be lots of fun too. Choose something easy, get the oven on, open a bottle of wine and start cooking up a storm.

Don’t be afraid to be silly

Sometimes the most memorable times spent with your partner are also the silliest. From playing games at an arcade to jumping on a Ferris wheel, anything that will get both of you laughing is well worth doing. There are yet more great ideas that are a little out of the ordinary.

Have a chat

If you’re both always so busy, you’re probably a little out of the loop when it comes to each other’s feelings and what you’ve been up to. Sit down with each other, get some cheese and biscuits and wine, and set the world to rights.