What to Consider When Planning a Photoshoot

Making memories is what being a family is all about and, naturally, you want to capture those precious moments. Any parent will know all too well that the little ones don’t stay little for very long, and it always feels as though, every time you blink, they get a little bit bigger. That’s why planning a family photoshoot is not only a nice thing to do but is great means of capturing a moment in time that would otherwise vanish before you know it. Every home should have a family picture adorning the wall, as it is one of those things that turns a house into a home – you can feel the love.

A picture isn’t just a picture, however, and proper thought should be put into planning a family photoshoot. You want to look back on the best versions of yourselves, rather than casting your eye on a blurry/pixelated picture that just hasn’t been shot very well.

Here, we’ll delve into some of the most important things you should consider ahead of your family picture day.


Make sure all members of the family you want to be a part of your pictures are available. If you are only interested in including members of the immediate family who live under the same roof, this should not be too difficult, but if you are hoping to include extended family members, then more planning needs to take place.

Grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins all lead their own lives and, thus, finding availability for everyone could be tricky. This is why you might want to consider planning your photoshoot well in advance. If even one person is not present, you risk making them feel left out and hurting their feelings if they are not included in a family picture.


Do you want your pictures to be taken in a studio or outside in a scenic location? Perhaps you might want a combination of the two? You may well wish to gather the family together somewhere that has sentimental value to the family or find somewhere that provides a beautiful backdrop. If you are unsure as to how you might go about this, location directories such as Locations Direct are routinely used by anyone who is planning a media project for a suitable backdrop.

Whether you are hoping to hold your photoshoot outside or not will largely depend on the weather and season we are in. If we are in the middle of summer, you are more likely to have a better day for everyone to pose comfortably in their Sunday best. Should you be planning a winter photoshoot, though, you may wish to look into finding a professional studio safe from adverse weather conditions.

Research Photographers

For the best end product possible, research several professional photographers and review their portfolios. Do not just opt for the first person you talk to. Also, consider the photographers’ specialities – ideally, you will be looking for someone with experience in photographing families and young children, rather than someone who specialises in other areas. Just because someone can take fantastic landscape pictures it doesn’t necessarily mean they should be your choice for a family photoshoot.

The best photographers can bring the best out in people, particularly children who can be the hardest of all to get a good smile out of. You don’t want to look back on your pictures in years to come and have any regrets as to who you worked with, you simply want to reminisce on the good times and remember that moment forever.

Have Fun With It

While you want to come away with a fantastic picture, don’t forget to have fun with your photoshoot. If no one is having a good time, then you are not going to get a good picture worthy of hanging up on the wall. Don’t be afraid to take some silly pictures that can feature in the album, because that’s all part of the fun of having a photoshoot!

This may seem like a lot to consider for the sake of taking a picture, but if you a going to do something you might as well do it correctly. Take care of the basics and leave nothing to chance and, if you do, you’ll make and capture memories that you will be proud to put on display for whoever may be welcomed into your humble abode.