What should I wear?

Next month is a bad month, in fact its not even a month away now it is three weeks and three days. That’s right the big three zero is on the horizon.

I suppose the good thing about turning thirty is the party. As it is such a big birthday I will be celebrating at a Butlins Big Weekend and what better break than an 80’s break. I have been on a Big Weekend break before and it was good fun but the six of us that went felt a bit out of place when all the fabulous fancy dress outfits made an appearance in the evening. This time there will be twelve of us and as it is a celebration we decided that we will have to dress up at least one of the nights. With the 80’s being the theme of the weekend then it was only logical that this would be the theme for our fancy dress costumes.

The problem is, I was born in 1984 so I don’t remember much about the eighties. I do know that in the photos of me as a baby all the adults had stupid hair so some sort of wig or a set of crimpers will definitely be needed. To help me gain some inspiration I decided to look at FancyDress1st.com’s 80’s section. Well it definitely got my creative juices flowing and with their help I put together a pinterest board on 80’s Fancy Dress Ideas.

So it seems that there are a few options.

Ok, this is far too bright for me and I think I would have a head ache by the time I put my make up on! Definitely a no no for me on this one.

I think that white is really not my colour, plus I hate wearing stockings, I am sure they are a form of torture! I will leave this costume to the more innocent.

Now this is definitely more my style! I live in black so I would feel more comfortable in my native colour. I think I might give the wig a miss though and go for classic crimped hair with a head scarf thrown in. I would hate to abandon part of my costume half way through the night but i think a wig would really irritate me after a few drinks.

There was one other type of fancy dress that caught my eye.

Now these are the sorts of outfits I would feel at home in, the “lets just admit it I look like an idiot but its all for good fun” type of outfit. Not sure if they would be practical for a night out though.

I think I have decided on the Madonna Wild Child look but I love the idea of pulling together all the accessory pieces rather than getting an outfit like the one pictured. By getting the individual items from my pinterest board then hopefully it will mean that I won’t end up wearing the same outfit as someone else.

As it is an 80’s weekend I can imagine that Madonna will be a popular theme of costume and what a varied wardrobe she had in the 80’s. I couldn’t resist adding some pictures of her outrageous outfits to my pinterest board to keep me inspired. It seems that no matter how over the top I might think it is, it will never compare to the reality of the 80’s.

Do you remember the 80’s?

Was there something in particular you wore?

Did you have a mullet?

Help enlighten me so I can get a feel for the 80s ahead of my weekend of fun.