What my writing says about me?

When I was working with Post-It on National Stationary week all about writing notes to each other they asked me to write a note to someone so that they could analyse my handwriting. Now I never knew you could tell so much about a persons personality based on the way they write so I was slightly skeptical. This was the note I wrote for Hubby when I took the kids away for the night.
Innocent enough really. Here is what they had to say.
“When you start a new job or task, there may be a little hesitancy, but as you move into it you are increasingly happy to get involved. You have an interesting character with intuitive insights but such thoughts are not your final conclusion because you check by thinking things through logically. On occasions you are sensitive and but most of the time your zeal is clearly apparent.”

Adam Brand, Post-it® Graphologist

Well that certainly had me surprised! You see when i was asked to write the note I was really hesitant, I dont do thinks like leave love notes for hubby. However after the first line or so it became easy and i soon finished it. The fact that they can tell that I am intuitive yet don’t allow my intuition to get in the way of thinking things through fully is amazing and so very true. I am occasionally sensitive, occasionally being the right word but I completely agree that I am obviously very zealous about most things in my life throwing myself into what i do with passion and energy.

It is amazing that in one little note to my hubby a person who i have never met, never spoken to and have never even emailed can pull out so much of my personality.

It has made me look at writing notes in a whole new way and as I have so many different shaped of super sticky notes to try I might have to start leaving notes all over the house!

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