What 2012 means to me

Never has a year had so many highs and lows.January saw the premature birth of the first nephew on my husbands side and saw me start to run in preparation of the Great Manchester 10k Run.

In February we visited Butlins on our first school holiday break and introduced the girls to Sooty and Co.

March saw me watch my idol Billy Connolly live which fulfilled a life time goal.

April saw us watch Cbeebies live tour which was brilliant.

I ran it in May in a respectful time of around 1 hour 20 mins and I raised £545 for Bliss with your help. May also saw me give up my job as an accountant and office manager.

June saw me attend Britmums Live sponsored by Butlins, it was a brilliant two days where i met some fabulous people and some brilliant brands as well as drinking a lot of wine being handed out my semi naked waiters. June was also the month that I became a registered Childminder.

July was fairly uneventful, well apart from Elizabeth nearly drowning, a great trip to Nickelodeon Land and I got to interview Kelly Brook and Ben Fogle oh and the great Xmas in July toy convention. so much for a quiet month hey.

August was the month that changed my life, it started well with my blogs anniversary, Mickey Mouse live, Lollibop festival, Butlins new Wave hotel and Peppa Pig world but ended with a diagnosed of Acute lymphoblastic Leukemia and a very poorly child.

September rushed by in a stream of blood tests, medicines and beeping machines and we were happy when October arrived and we were allowed to come home. In a bid to take the girls minds of everything we went to Disney on Ice and learnt to appreciate the small things in life, including each other.

November saw my Christmas Tombola end with a total of 171 winners, some great press for me including the Tesco Christmas Magazine and The Sun Newspaper plus a hair disaster that is still ongoing when I dyed Alison’s hair green. We also went along to watch the Cbeebies Panto being filmed which will be aired this Friday at 4:30pm.

December is half way over and already it has been a busy month, soon my Laptop will be switched off for nearly two weeks whilst I spend some time enjoying my family, being thankful that we are all still here and that even though we are fighting, we are winning. Christmas is a time for family and the New Year is a time for reflection. 

This year I will be reflecting on how much my family means to me and focusing on all the good things that we have in life and all the moments that we share.

Its time to make the most of every moment and enjoy my children whilst I can because you never know what is around the corner.