Week One in a house with two cars – Hyundai i10

When I went to pick up the i10 last Saturday I really wasn’t sure what I would think. We have a Ford Focus Estate. It is a big car and it always seems to be full so the idea of swapping it for a small city car for two weeks was a real challenge.
The garage we picked it up from is 50 miles from us along the motorway so I was concerned how a little city car would handle the motorway driving. If you were reading my tweets that day you may have read that I ended up speeding as I didn’t expect the i10 to be able to go very fast without struggling. As I was tootling along following the car in front I looked down and realised that the 1.2 litre engine was coping with high speeds really well.

Unfortunately I spent most of the last week in London at the Toy Fair so I have not had that much of an opportunity to drive the car but Hubby has been taking it on the school run and to do the shopping

I love the included features that make me feel comfortable strapping in the girls. The isofix child seat anchors, all round air bags and tyre pressure warning lights.

The car is super light to drive with
responsive steering and is great for traffic jams as I found out yesterday. Being able to slip down the side of other cars and nip in and out of stationary traffic saved me a lot of time. I have struggled with the swap to a petrol engine and stalled a few times but this is because I am used to a diesel engine.

The internal space is brilliant and I was impressed to fit my large suitcase and other bags in the boot with the parcel shelf still in place when I came back from London.

This week I will be taking the car to the city centre, doing a full monthly shop and to do the school run, I will let you know how I get on. To leave you for this week here are our first thoughts

Good points

Daytime running lights
5 year unlimited warranty
Surprising storage space in the boot
Leather steering wheel
Front Seat positioning.
USB stick and two in car charging ports
Lots of storage areas, cup holders, bottle holders and big glove compartment

Road tax exemption
Group 1 insurance

great fuel consumption

Bad points

Doesn’t beep when the lights are left on
Radio power button is quite far away from the drivers seat
No clear screen windscreen button

Surprising amount of boot space. This is a large suitcase, the kids lunch bags, my laptop bag, my handbag and some coats!