Ways To Stop Your Kids Picking At Their Spots

Getting acne is quite common for teenagers. Most of the time, it’s nothing to worry about.

That said, kids can be curious and fidgety, and those qualities can aggravate acne and make the situation far worse than it needs to be. Moreover, they can also experience intense bullying due to acne, and their self-esteem can suitably plummet as a result, which may lead to intense picking.

Regardless of the situation, as a parent, you must do your best to address and resolve these issues. Below you’ll find a few suggestions on what you can do here.

Practice Acne Positivity

Acne can be very overwhelming to a teen’s mental health. Picking at their spots can come down to more than just idle fidgeting; they may try to tear them away for their appearance.

Such an approach can lead to skin inflammation, pain, and even lifelong scars. Therefore, it’s a good idea to practice acne positivity instead, which may help your teen appreciate some form of self-acceptance. That way, your child may look at things more positively, accept the temporary nature of their situation, and compare themselves to others far less.

Practising acne positivity is also a great way to let your child know they’re loved. It’s a great way to strengthen your bond and teach them that anyone worth being friends with wouldn’t tease them in the first place. In these circumstances, acne could be framed positively.

See a Dermatologist

Practising acne positivity is wonderful. That said, if your child picks at spots relentlessly, or experiences any pain, then this situation needs to be remedied swiftly.

Visit this private dermatologist in London or one closer to you if you’re elsewhere. They treat adults and children for skin conditions, including acne, warts, and even more serious ailments. Your teen will be in good hands here, and they will be able to get their skin looking healthy again in no time. They’ll be made to feel comfortable, and their thoughts and feelings will be discussed and valued.

A dermatologist is a great solution to your child picking at their spots. Not only will your child have nothing to pick at post-treatment, but they may be less likely to worry about the spots eventually materialising again. It also shows that you’ll go the extra mile to help your teen feel better about themselves. Treatment is a swift and safe option.

Build Their Awareness

Picking at spots can be done subconsciously. If your teen has done it so much already, they may not even know they’re doing it today.

Providing gentle reminders not to pick at spots is the obvious answer. But there are other measures you can take too. For instance, you could make them wear gloves for a limited period, as they’ll find it much harder to pick and squeeze spots. Very young teens can soon be preoccupied with other things, like bubble wrap and playdoh.

You could also offer minor reward incentives, making periods of non-picking milestone moments worth celebrating. In the end, all of these can help your child be more self-aware about what they’re doing or at the very least, distract them from it. See what your approach resonates most with your teen and work together to kerb spot-picking behaviours!