Upstairs or Downstairs? Ways to Add Value When Selling Your Home

When you are looking at selling your home, you want to secure the best possible valuation and sale price. This may require a bit of work but how far should you go? Between searching for your new home, packing and taking care of your family, it can be tough just to find the time or energy.

To add the most value to the smallest amount of effort, it’s a good idea to update the downstairs. As the place you spend quality time together as a family, the downstairs living spaces are often the most important to potential buyers. Here’s how to make them even more appealing…

Budget, DIY Kitchen Updates

The kitchen remains one of the most important rooms in the home, especially on a family property, and can really affect the price. A kitchen needs to be able to cater for the whole family while also be used as an entertainment space.

Focus on making your kitchen practical and stylish with budget-friendly DIY updates. Paint a tired old linoleum floor, recover old cupboard doors, build a DIY kitchen island for extra worktop and seating space, and use tile stickers to add life to the splashback.

Low Maintenance Family Garden

If you’re selling a family home that has a great garden, then make sure you really show it off. This is particularly important if you live in a city where outside space is hard to find, as it could boost your home’s value and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Aim to highlight your back garden as being low maintenance and family-friendly. Cut the grass, create a seating area big enough for the whole family and add potted plants for easy upkeep.

Make Your Home Feel Bigger

Families are always in need of more space, so to add value when selling your home, make your home look and feel bigger. Not to worry, this doesn’t mean knocking down walls or planning extensions; there are loads of easy visual tricks you can use.

To do this, declutter and hide possessions, let light in with light coloured window treatments, consider changing the layout of furniture, and hang mirrors – this last one works particularly well in narrow hallways.

Positive First Impressions

Finally, one of the most important parts of the downstairs of your home: the exterior. This helps to form a buyer’s first impression and as such, can work too or against your advantage.

To increase value when selling your home, update your front door (a tin of paint, new door handle and letterbox can work wonders), add lights to the front walkway, clean the windows and have a general tidy.

If you employ these tips when it comes to having your home valued by an agent like Hatched you may be pleasantly surprised. Good luck!