Twins :- Problems you will face, things you can think about now

If all the medical evidence shows that soon you will become a happy mother of twins, you will need to get prepared for a number of specific troubles, which arise when you bring up two beautiful and no doubt intelligent sons or daughters. Still, there is no need to panic if you follow the old and wise proverb saying “Forewarned means forearmed”.

Firstly, let’s mention here that most of the twin problems which are described below will be equally complicated to overcome both for you and your future kids. Again, note that the word “complicated” here does not necessarily mean “difficult or hard”, just “not as easy as it may seem from the first sight”, that’s all, nothing is impossible.

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As for psychological problems, let’s take the one of identity, for example. “Oh my, how do you tell them apart?” – That’s the eternal question you will be asked every time someone sees your twins. You will get used to hearing those words with a smile but here lies the problem with identification for your children. The thing is that at the age of about 3-4 years old it will be difficult for them to distinguish the notion “I” from “we” and sometimes staying apart from each other even for a short period of time could sometimes be a real challenge for them.

Then, there is the problem of competitiveness, which may also take place with other siblings. However, that will hopefully not happen if you do not compare your twins to each other too often. Also, try not to create the unnecessary competition between them artificially, for example, it’s better to avoid choosing the faster one or the smarter one during indoor or outdoor activities, have fun playing only those games where everyone equally enjoys them and everything will be OK. And your twins will each need to feel unique, which will also do much help to resolve the potential conflicts between them.

Still, one more problem to be mentioned here is that twins are used to having strong ambivalent feelings towards each other. Usually, that means they regard each other as an ideal companion, the person who will always come to help. It’s quite natural, because twins tend to understand each other on some mystically subconscious level. But, psychologists say that having someone who always knows what you feel and knows you so well can be an embarrassing feeling. It can lead to the situation when twins sometimes want to break free from their shared relationships and do something individually. Such controversial ideas create a stressful inner conflict, that’s why it is again important to encourage individuality in each of your twins.