Top tips for safe Trick or Treating 

The nights are getting darker and it won’t be long before we will be traipsing the streets dressed in silly costumes in the search of candy (and that’s just us parents). Knowing that the nights are drawing in I am already thinking about what costumes we can all wear that can keep us safe.

Keeping safe Trick or Treating is not all about what you are wearing although that is a very important starting point. Children’s costumes should meet the following guidelines to ensure that they are safe for trick or treating

  1. Not be floor length, it is easy to trip over the hem especially in the dark.
  2. Not have a vision restricting mask as this prevents the wearer seeing hazards easily.
  3. Not be completely dark, make sure they have something bright on preferably fluorescent and reflective. If not make sure they are carrying a torch, glow in the dark item or safe lantern.
  4. Not have silly shoes, trainers or welly boots are best at this time of year and can prevent accidents.
  5. Make sure the costumes are weather appropriate so you don’t end up too cold.

Other things to consider when trick or treating is to always send a responsible adult out with the kids. Even if they stay at a safe distance from the older ones so as not to embarrass them, this keeps them safe but also keeps them out of causing mischief with the neighbours.

When trick or treating it is always best to only knock on houses that are lit up and preferably ones that have decorations out so you know that they welcome Trick or Treaters. If you welcome Trick or Treaters why not put a pumpkin near your door or a few decorations in the garden so the local children know they can come calling.

It is scary to say but with the clocks going back at the end of this month the number of deaths and injuries on the road increase sharply and Halloween night is one of the worst. Lots of young children out in the dark visiting neighbours and getting excited is a real hazard for drivers but you can avoid getting in a car accident by driving slowly with your lights on and paying full attention to the road.

When researching all the different safety tips and reading information on the Think!, Safekids and Brake websites I came across this scary infographic which I needed to share with you.