Top Mothers Day gifts that are perfect for me

Now I will be honest and say Mothers Day usually results in some rather rubbish presents in this house. With that in mind, I thought that this year’s gift guide will be more tailored to what I would want to receive. All of the items featured were sent to me for free by the companies but I hand-picked which ones I wished to include. So here are my top Mothers Day gifts that are perfect for me.

Caorunn Gin

Ok so you really can’t go wrong buying me gin and I am all about trying new gins. Caorunn is a small batch handcrafted gin made in the Scottish highlands. It is infused with five locally foraged botanicals: dandelion, heather, coul bush apple, bog myrtle and rowan berries as well as 6 traditional gin botanicals. This is a great tasting gin that works well with every mixer I have tried so far but I recommend opting for something with less flavour so you can really taste the botanicals in this one.

Guylian Chocolates

When it comes to chocolates some are definitely better than others and I have a real soft spot for Guylian praline seashells. The only problem with these is that my kids love them as well so I have to hide the box otherwise they will eat them all.

Joe & Seph’s popcorn and sauces

I love popcorn but what I love more is what I class as grown-up popcorn. Joe & Seph’s creates the best grown-up popcorn and to make it even better they now have a range of delicious caramel sauces which you can use on virtually anything. Gin and Tonic caramel sauce on vanilla ice cream is pretty amazing.

Love Leggings

I live in black leggings, like every day that I can get away with it. I had heard of Love leggings before but I had never felt them until I was sent this pair. I have to say I think I have not been ruined, supermarket leggings will never feel the same again and I now need to increase the number of Love leggings that I own so that I can wear a different pair every single day.

Personalised Fleece blanket

Who could resist a lovely fleece blanket with a picture of their pet or kids on it? I obviously chose my dog because I love him more (only kidding, but he is cuter). There were so many different designs available from Vistaprint that I could have chosen so you can really personalise it to the person who is receiving it.

So there you have it, my top gifts for Mothers Day. What would you like to receive?