Tips for moving your family from the UK to the US

If you are going to move to the US the first thing you need to decide is what city to move to. There are many options. One thing I’ve learned from talking to Europeans over the years is they don’t really realize how big and spread out the US really is. You also want to do your homework and ensure you have all of the proper paperwork and visas before moving to the USA. You can travel to the US and visit different locations if you are unsure where your family wants to settle.

·  Do you want a big city or a small town?

·  Do you want cold weather, warm weather, or maybe a mix of both?

·  Do you want to live on the beach, in the mountains, in a desert, or in the plains?

Whatever you want, you should be able to find somewhere! If beaches and nice weather year-round are what you like then most would probably tell you to check out San Diego. It’s a nice sized city and may just have the best weather in the country. Gets a little hot in the summer but for the other 9 months, you will have great weather almost every day. There are beaches and many things to do.


A couple hours north you could try Los Angeles. Obviously, it’s a much bigger city with many stars to see out and about, but the traffic can be a nightmare at times. On the other side of the country, Miami would be the most popular beach town with many things to do and not too far from Disney World in Orlando for the kids.
·  If you would prefer a more seasonal climate there are plenty of options across the country.

·  If you want a really big city then, of course, there is New York, or you could try any of a number of cities on the upper east coast.

·  For weather similar to the UK you may even want to try Seattle. It’s a beautiful city with great people, but it rains a lot and is often cloudy, which is something you might be used to.

·  Maybe you want to try living by a mountain range where you could ski; Denver is a very nice city in Colorado that you should visit. It gets cold there in the winter but actually isn’t as bad as most would think, and it’s very near to some of the better ski slopes in the country.

One thing you will really enjoy about America is the diversity, particularly all the different types of food available. You will be able to find all of the best kinds of food from all over the world in any big city. You won’t be around as many soccer fans as you are used to but maybe you will start to pick up on popular American sports like football or basketball. The most important tip you should remember when you first move to the US is to be sure and drive on the right side of the road.