The Night Hunter game – Murder Mystery Party

The Night Hunter game is part of the Murder Mystery party series. It is an immersive and thrilling experience that will transport you into a world of mystery and suspense. Over 25 years ago a suspect confessed to being the Night Hunter but now there have been more killings. Is it a copycat or is the wrong person behind bars?

With over 100 pieces of evidence, this game is packed with intrigue and excitement. Cryptic clues will challenge your detective skills, while the black light and fingerprint analysis will add an extra layer of authenticity to the investigation.

As you delve into the immersive story and examine the realistic evidence, you’ll find yourself engrossed in the world of the Night Hunter. Look at the past crime files as well as the recent murders, can you work out who it is and track them down before it is too late?

The game is split into 4 chapters, each with its own unique murder to investigate. With each chapter, you’ll uncover new twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very end. Each murder has different clues and strange aspects to it that will take you further through the story and closer to the killer.

To enhance your experience, the Night Hunter game Murder Mystery party includes an interactive website with video and audio clips, adding a multimedia element to your investigation. Whether you choose to play alone or as a team, this 4-5 hour experience will keep you engaged from start to finish.

Perfect for ages 14 and up, the Night Hunter game Murder Mystery party is an exciting and challenging game that will test your detective skills like never before. Seasoned players of mystery games will not be disappointed as there are a variety of puzzles to solve, some easier than others but enough of them will challenge your problem solving and critical thinking.