The importance of supporting developing nations through child sponsorship

A child sponsor can help that child escape the burden of poverty – forever.

By sponsoring just one child, a donor can help the child and their families work towards a brighter future through community projects that help them break the cycle of poverty.

Child sponsorship is not about hand-outs. Instead, it is about giving children and their communities the tools they need to build their lives and livelihoods – preventing future generations from experiencing the same hardships.

Charities such as Plan UK use child sponsorship programs to help change the lives of children and their families worldwide. Charities such as Plan UK use donations to fund projects within the community. Depending on what that community’s needs are, donated money could help provide agricultural training, renovating wells for clean water, building and restoring schools or providing immunisations – all of which are necessary if children are to flourish.

At the same time, a sponsor will never be a faceless benefactor. Instead, child sponsorship allows the sponsor to become involved, offering them a unique insight into the life of a child in a developing country. Over time they will be able to watch their sponsored child benefit from their compassion and kindness through letters and photos of them and their family. What better way to know you are making a real difference in a child’s life?

When a donor signs up for child sponsorship with Plan UK, they will be given the choice of sponsoring either a boy or a girl. They will receive a profile of their sponsored child, helping them to establish a connection with the youngster. At the same time, the sponsor’s letters will also help to improve their literacy skills and let them know that someone they have never met cares about them and their family. Such initiatives allow a sponsor to offer real motivation and inspiration to children who could otherwise despair.

This wonderful cause doesn’t even cost much. Just 50 pence a day could help change a child’s life forever. The charity projects funded by sponsorship money are led by the community, so they become stronger and more independent. Children also benefit as they are also involved in deciding, planning and carrying out these projects.

Sponsors can also rest assured that their money is going where it is needed, as at least 80 pence of every contributed pound goes towards each individual charity’s development work for children and their community.

Child sponsorship ensures that children who had nothing now have a real chance for a future. Without sponsors’ help, too many children in developing countries are condemned to a life of poverty without the chance for an education or even essential healthcare.

Please consider how you can become involved with Plan UK through child sponsorship and give a child a chance for a brighter tomorrow by visiting:

We received the details about the child we have sponsored. Her name is Keliya and she is five years old. She lives in Rwanda and has a little brother who was born in 2012. The photos I received of Keliya show her smiling and Elizabeth and Alison both loved seeing a picture of her with her mum as well. They were both very happy that we have helped Keliya and her family and Alison asked if that means that the tv will no longer show them needing water. Unfortunately that is not the case, we have sponsored just one child and there are so many children out there who need help. Just imagine your own child unable to drink clean water, go to school or have food in their belly at night. I just wish I could do more but for now at least I am doing what I can and I am showing my children that it is good to help.

By Laura Seaton