The day I met Pixie Lott…

My summer was absolutely mental and we had so many adventures that I have not told you about yet but one day that really stands out to me was the day I got to meet the beautiful and talented Pixie Lott.

We headed to Hamleys in London one Friday morning for the launch of the new Steffi Love by Pixie Lott dolls.

Pixie Lott was as gorgeous in person as she is on tv and she was absolutely lovely to chat too. Unfortunately it was very busy so we didnt get a lot of time to talk as I would have loved to have heard more about the creative process behind working on making a fashion doll. Pixie Lott was great with all of the kids that were there and she happily offered to sign the dolls we were given for attending. Neither of the girls wanted theirs signed so I decided to get mine signed.  
Pixie Lott had a bit of a giggle when I asked her to sign the doll to Tired Mummy of Two but she did it anyway!
The new Steffi Love by Pixie Lott dolls look great. They have bright colours, not too much make up and a fun element to them that the kids seemed to enjoy. I would show you my Enchanted Fairy out of the box but I want to keep it as a memento of our day. The day I got to meet Pixie Lott!