Summer Holiday peace and quiet in 5 easy steps #StreamTeam

We all know that the Summer Holidays can seem to stretch for weeks, each day going slower than the last especially when the kids are fighting over who gets to watch what so here are my five easy steps to peace and quiet during the summer holidays

Step One – Subscribe to Netflix

Step Two – Set it up on multiple devices

Step Three – Give the children different devices

Step Four – Send Children to separate rooms

Step Five – Find a good film or show that you want to catch up on and get comfy!

Netflix really does have something for everyone and on those days where tempers are raised and you need a break it is the perfect way to get everyone to calm down. So with these five easy steps you can have a stress free summer and don’t forget you can watch it no matter where you are on your phone, tablet, laptop or tv as long as you have access to the internet.