Stressed out about storage

Ever since I became a childminder there has been some major changes in our household. Elizabeth has given up her bedroom and moved into the small room with her sister and every nook, cranny and cupboard is jammed packed with toys, craft materials or paperwork.

We are running out of storage space and I am finding it very hard to put my clothes away as my built in wardrobe no longer has any space for clothes. How did I manage to accumulate all this stuff and why do I feel the need to keep buying it.

Me and hubby had an argument this week about the amount of clutter in our house especially in our bedroom so I am having to have a rethink about storage space. We don’t have enough actual space to have more drawers or cupboards and our bed is too low to use under bed storage so I have started to think about getting a new bed. I have had this bed frame for nearly ten years and it came with me from a previous relationship so really it is about time it was replaced. I have been searching the internet for practical storage beds and found that Silentnight make some great Divans that actually look nice, which was a surprise.

I am going to pitch the idea to hubby and see what he thinks but I definitely think this might solve all our storage stresses.