So I am now home schooling!

The letter went into school yesterday.
The one that said that it is now my responsibility to give the girls their education.

Choosing to home school the girls was not an easy decision to make but with Elizabeths tiredness and Alisons emotional issues it is definitely the best decision for them. We are going to have lots of fun together as we go on this journey and I look forward to teaching them and spending time doing lots of activities as a family.

Although we have all had some kind of stomach bug this week we have still managed to visit the library, go explore some victorian sewers at the Museum of Science and Industry
and make sure that we have worked on our reading, writing and maths every day.

I have a meeting at the school next week to find out exactly where the girls are up to which will give me a good starting point. Home Education is done in lots of different ways by lots of different people but I like having a bit of structure to what we are learning, especially when it comes to the basics and the girls seem to be happier that way too. Every morning after breakfast we do some one on one lessons before moving on to something a bit more fun as the day goes on.

Wish me luck!