So how did my #SleepPlus challenge go?

I class myself as a bit of a skeptic. I don’t believe that taking a tablet will make me thin or that a cream will make me look younger and I have to admit to not believing that the Sleep Plus challenge would work. I mean I have been Tired Mummy of Two for over five years and putting a spray on my pillow couldn’t change that fact surely?

Last Sunday I started the seven day This Works Sleep Plus challenge. As part of the challenge I had to agree to go to bed an hour earlier than I normally would every night and use the new sleep plus+ pillow spray. Now obviously getting an extra hour in bed would make you feel more rested anyway but usually when I decide I need to go to bed early my brain decides otherwise.

On Sunday morning I woke up as normal and within a few minutes I had taken a selfie and completed the #SleepPlus challenge questionnaire. I scored just 37 and I felt as though I could have gone back to bed to sleep for the rest of the day. For the next seven nights I tried to make sure I was in bed between 10:30 pm and 11:00 pm which is about an hour before the time that I normally stumble exhausted into my bed. I also sprayed my pillow liberally with the Sleep Plus+ pillow spray. I love the lavender smell although if I sprayed and lay down straight away I didn’t like the damp pillow so make sure you spray your pillow a few minutes before lying down to sleep. 

My main issue when sleeping is that my mind wanders on to all the stuff I need to do, the blog posts I need to write, appointments that are not on my calendar and a huge host of fabulous ideas that disappear before I wake up in the morning. In other words I find it really hard to switch off and unless I have had a really productive night at my laptop it can sometimes take me thirty minutes to an hour just to fall asleep. This is usually why I spend so long at my laptop in an evening before going to bed as if I know I have done a lot that day then my brain seems to be able to rest easier.

The Sleep Plus+ pillow spray seemed to help to switch my brain off. I found that within ten minutes of being in bed I was usually asleep and this meant that I really did feel lovely and rested. The smell which combines Lavender, Vetivert and Wild Camomile was very relaxing and just breathing it in made my whole body relax which helped me fall into a deep sleep.

Now I did get some very vivid dreams in the last week and I put that down to being in a deeper sleep. I also found that I awoke at least once each night to turn over but each time I became fully alert, turned over and drifted straight off to sleep which makes me believe it was just the end of a natural sleep cycle.

At the end of seven days my skin looks better, the bags under my eyes are less evident and I am coming awake in the morning a lot more alert and ready for the day. I also scored 81 on the #SleepPlus challenge questionnaire and that was before 8am on a Sunday morning so it has got to be good!

Check out this video to see why having an extra hour of sleep can be so beneficial to your health, wellbeing and your mood. I have certainly noticed a difference in my ability to focus, my patience and my creativity.