Sky ride Manchester

My legs are feeling a bit better today after the Great Manchester 10k run on Sunday and although I am still convinced that I may never run again I am looking for my next challenge.

As luck would have it today I found out about The Manchester Sky Ride that is taking place on 15th July so I have quickly booked myself and Elizabeth to take part.

Unfortunately today I also discovered that someone has stolen Elizabeths new bike from our back garden and I am devastated that someone could be that horrible to take a little girls bike. Now not only do I need a bike for July but I also have to get her a new one.

Sky are working together with British Cycling and partner councils to close down streets and open up parks so members of the public can enjoy some traffic-free cycling.

Last year over 200,00 men, women and children took part across 17 UK cities and this year there is 18 so hopefully even more people will be getting involved.

You can find out more about Skyride and what they are up to by clicking on the button below. Why not sign up for your local ride, I did!