Shared Parental leave – do you know what it means?

With the new rules on Shared Parental Leave coming into force at the beginning of April I have seen it discussed all over the place and it seems that a lot of people are confused. Just how does it work? How will companies be able to implement it without it affecting operations and how will it be regulated?

As I am not planning on having anymore children the new Shared Parental Leave is not something that will affect me but I do stand by the idea of it even if I can see some major problems for HR departments all around the country. 

For me the main bonus of SPL is that the father can spend more time with their baby than the current two weeks. As I had C-sections with both girls I could really have used the help past the first two weeks but this was not an option for us.

Although SPL could be a nightmare to administrate it does give both parents the flexibility to be there for their child whilst also keeping on top of their career which helps them feel more in control. 

GoToMeeting have created a fantastic infographic which gives lots of information about how it would work and who qualifies to claim SPL.

Would you choose SPL?