Settling into a childminders life

Well its been two weeks now since I started as a childminder and I am still enjoying it. I am almost on top of all my paperwork although I know I could do more and I have lots of plans on how to improve my setting for the kids and Ofsted obviously. I almost wish they would just hurry up and get it over with so I can start focusing on the kids and not on what Ofsted want me to do or not to do. I was at a course on Saturday on how to get Good at your inspection and really it was all old news, have good policies, make sure you do your risk assessments, observe the kids and plan activities for them and ensure you follow the safeguarding guidelines. If that is all it takes to get good then I am very concerned about why there are so many Satisfactory childminders out there. Not once on the whole course did it mention how to look after children, what to do with them or even what is expected from you. Ever single part of the course was about the paperwork.

I know an ofsted outstanding childminder and there is no way I would leave my children with her. She shouts a lot, man handles the kids and thinks an 18 month old is being naughty all the time. Why is this childminder outstanding? Just because she has good paperwork?

Anyone who knows me personally knows that when I set out to do something I will do everything in my power to do it really well. I will be an outstanding childminder but hopefully for all the right reasons and not just because I am good at writing policies and procedures. I want to have a positive effect on the children I mind and to make there life better because they spent time with me.

Unfortunately it seems that some childminders are just in it for the money.