A Series of Unfortunate Events books and series – Review #ASOUEBooks

Last week I told you that we will be reading along to the new Netflix series “A Series of Unfortunate Events” but this will not be the case. You see we enjoyed watching the series so much that we have already finished it despite only being on book two. The first season covers the first four A Series of Unfortunate Events books “The Bad Beginning”, “The Reptile Room”, “The Wide Window” and “The Miserable Mill”. Elizabeth is half way through reading The Reptile Room and she is really enjoying reading the books to go alongside the show. Alison has always enjoyed reading but Elizabeth is a bit of a reluctant reader, she needs something to capture her imagination and really grasp her attention so seeing her on the second book really shows how much she is enjoying the story of the Baudelaire children.

I have always been a fan of reading a book before watching an adaptation, whether a series or a film, and usually I spend my time cursing the screen because of all of the bits that are left out. With the Netflix series taking two episodes per book it is actually managing to capture an awful lot of the story and portray it in a brilliant way. We were all hooked from the very beginning and the girls have already asked me if I knwo when season two will be available so they can watch those episodes. In fact, the only down side to the whole of the Netflix Series is that it was only 8 episodes long. After 8 episodes we are invested in the lives of Violet, Klaus and Sunny and ending where it did does not answer the questions that we hoped to have answered and it certainly has not placed the Baudelaire children in a kind and loving enviroment that we hoped that they will eventually end up in. However, with another 9 books full of dreadful adventures that will see the Baudelaires have to endure the most unfortunate of events we can’t wait to see and to read what happens next.

If you have a reluctant reader of around the same age as my girls then you may just find an episode or two of this series will have them reaching for the books so that they can learn even more. It worked for me anyway.

If you want to find out more about the A Series of Unfortunate Events Books then you can do so by visiting the Egmont Publishing Website.


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  1. We’re the same even though I’ve staggered watching, we’re still slightly ahead of where my youngest is with the books, but it has encouraged her to try a more grown up book than she would usually choose, which is brilliant!!

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