School Stresses

Tomorrow is the big day, tomorrow I go before an appeals panel to fight for m daughter to go to school.

I found out on Tuesday that she has actually been given a place at another local school but I have yet to receive that in writing so I am not too sure whether to feel relaxed or not yet.

I have found some really good juicy bits for the appeal so I think I have a good chance of winning but actually this other school looks as though it might be better for her. Firstly there is no religion involved whic makes me happy, secondly they teach the foundation stage based on Montessori methods and thirdly it is turning into an academy next year. Oh and the final thing they can take Alison into nursery in January where as the other school wont take her until she turns four next September.

Do I stress myself out over an appeal I dont really want to win? Do I do the appeal and then make up our minds afterwards? I just want Beth to have the best start in life no matter