Santa Doesn’t Exist

I knew it was coming, Elizabeth is nine years old and couldn’t go on believing forever but it still came as a shock when she matter-of-factly turned around and told me that Santa doesnt exist. I quickly hurried Alison down the stairs before she realised what her sister had said in the hopes of keeping the magic going for at least one of my kids this year.

Sitting on the bed next to Elizabeth I remembered a story I had read about a Mum who told the kids that Santa isnt just one person but that everyone can become Santa if they do a good deed. I added in a few embellishments such as how I earned my Santa badge. She looked at me all confused and said that I can’t be her Santa because I always said that what Santa brings is far too expensive for me to buy for her. Then she had the biggest smile on her face and hugged me hard to say thank you for all of the awesome Santa gifts I had bought her throughout the years. I have to admit it was quite nice to finally get some recognition for the big expensive gifts that they have received in the past.

Now she has decided that Santa Doesnt Exist I am looking forward to getting her help in keeping the magic alive for her sister. I am planning on giving her some tasks such as helping with our Elf antics and maybe even helping to put the snowy footsteps down on Christmas Eve. First however she needs to earn her Santa badge and become an official Santa by performing her good deed. She decided that she wants to get a gift for the cook at school as all of the other teachers and staff get gifts at Christmas but everyone forgets about her and she works so hard all year round. We sat on Amazon last night and she chose a tea towel and set of Christmas cookie cutters. We just need to wrap them up and manage to place them somewhere she will find it without her knowing who got them for her.

Have any of your children decided that Santa doesnt exist? How have you dealt with it?

4 thoughts on “Santa Doesn’t Exist”

  1. I remember thinking it was wonderful to be in on the secret and to keep it from my little sister! It stayed magical for that reason I think! It still is now I’m in my 40s haha!

  2. Aww I think it’s lovely that you’re keeping the magic alive in other ways. That’s how we have handled it too. To be fair, I’m 40 and my Dad still tells me that if I believe I will receive! Works for me! Ha!

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