When you know something bad is going to happen do you ever overcompensate?

Do you ever try to think of nice things that you can do so that you can make up for the bad stuff that will happen?

I have found myself doing that over the last few days, I have been planning every spare moment to involve something fun, going for a walk yesterday, going to the park, feeding the ducks and visiting McDonalds today, planning to go to the Museum of Science and Industry tomorrow. I am even planning a trip to the zoo as soon as we have our new car. I thought I was doing anything I can to distract the girls from the upcoming hospital treatments but I actually think I am trying to build memories, trying to take advantage of every good day we are having so that when the bad days come they won’t seem so bad.

I am going to do anything I can. From playing games together, to reading extra stories, anything that makes the days extra special and puts smiles on their faces will be what I will do every moment I get.