One Year Left

Last week was my birthday. I turned 29. I had a great birthday (well the days afterwards anyway) but the celebrations have stopped now. The cake has been eaten, the presents unwrapped and the cards will soon leave the mantlepiece.

Next year I turn thirty. It is not something I have been looking forward to. Turning thirty seems to bring with it some responsibility. All of a sudden you are officially in the grown up stage of your life. I have been a grown up for a while but I don’t want to be an official grown up.

I want to plan all of the different ways to celebrate my birthday. I need a way to celebrate with my friends, a way to celebrate with my family and most of all a way to celebrate with my Husband.

I would love to go abroad to somewhere romantic like Paris and stay in a plush hotel. I would love to see all the wonderful tourist attractions in Paris and actually spend some romantic moments with the love of my life. We will look at the Eiffel Tower, walk under the arc de triomphe and gaze at paintings at the Louvre.

We had kids quite early on in our relationship so we seem to have missed out on so many of the things that couples do alone. I can’t even remember the last time we even went out to dinner together without the children.

I hope that Hubby is reading this so that he can start planning and maybe the Mother in law too so she can offer to babysit for us too. Looking at all the lovely pictures of Paris whilst writing this post just made me want to go even more and it has helped start of my savings for it too.

This is a paid post.

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