One holiday ends and another begins

I cant believe we came home from Scotland yesterday and I am already having to think about packing to go away tomorrow morning! Crazy really but we take these breaks when we can and this week promises to be full of fun. Unfortunately looking at the weather report it will be wet fun!

We are heading to Blackpool to stay at Donna’s dream house for four nights before moving over to a hotel on the sea front for one night of fun, entertainment and swimming.

Donna’s Dream House is a fantastic house run by a charity of the same name. The house is available to families of children with serious or life threatening illnesses as well as those recently bereaved. The house is themed throughout and is supported by many local businesses to keep it running. I look forward to telling you more about it and showing you the inside of this fantastic place that will be our base for the next five days.

Next week we plan to make full us of our Merlin passes and visit the Blackpool tower and circus for the first time as well as revisit the sealife centre and madame tussauds. We will also be heading to Blackpool Pleasure Beach on Wednesday where we will be meeting up with Poppy Cat who will be taking up residence in Nickelodeon Land for the summer.

With the weather looking dreadfully dreary and those activities not filling the week I have been looking at some other fun things we can do indoors. Obviously we will be keeping up with our home education which will take up some time each day but I needed more inspiration. It seems that there is no shortage of inspiration out on the internet and some of my favourite bloggers are doing what they can to alleviate childhood boredom during the wet weather days. Red Ted Art recommends that we get crafty, whereas Diary of a frugal family lists lots of activities including getting outside and jumping in puddles, rainy day mum lives up to her name with over 101 rainy day activities and pink oddy recommends Journey buddies to keep the kids occupied, the seaside theme would fit well for this holiday. I also found this list of cool activities to keep the kids entertained which I will be borrowing some ideas from especially the photo competition which the girls will love as they both enjoy taking photos.

So between packing our rain coats and wellies, a selection of craft materials, our home ed stuff and some fun workbooks plus all of our tablets and electronics I am not sure where to put our clothes
but I will make it all fit some how.

I will keep you informed on how our wet week in Blackpool pans out and let you know what activities we get up to over the coming days.