Numbers control so much of our life.

We wake up when the numbers tell us to and most things we do through out the day are based around the numbers on a clock.

We eat and wear only what we can buy with the numbers in our bank and our lives are controlled by the numbers on our money.

The numbers on our transport tells us where to go and the ones on our house tell us we are home.

The numbers on our phones can connect us to a listening ear when we need one or just let us catch up with friends and family we are missing far away.

Numbers are everywhere in our lives and although I used numbers for a living when I was an accountant they have never been as important or as life changing to me as they are now.

A simple thermometer can dictate my life and wipe at least two whole days out of my schedule with a number. The number 38.

The piece of paper that has a huge list of numbers informing me of Elizabeth’s full blood count can decide so many things. She could need a blood transfusion is she gets below 8, or even a platelet transfusion if she gets below 15. She could be susceptible to catch every illness going if she gets below 1 or even worse if she gets to 0.

So many numbers and such a huge impact on our lives.

The Thermometer wasn’t our friend this morning so I am writing this in a hospital ward again. Its no real surprise. I have been dreadfully ill with flu since Thursday and Elizabeth has no neutrophils to help her fight infection. It was bound to happen really but knowing it will happen doesn’t ease the annoyance or stop the inconvenience.

I knew we shouldn’t have made plans to do anything, making plans is where it all falls apart. Its all the numbers fault.