New Year Promises

Yesterday was 2012, today is 2013. The passing of new year doesn’t usually mean much to me, Ok it is a great excuse for a party but I am not usually one for resolutions or thoughts of a new start. 2012 was a shit year and I want 2013 to be a lot better, it will still involve hospital appointments and I can’t restart my business as a childminder but I can focus on other things.

I don’t want to make any resolutions, resolutions are the things you drunkenly think off on New years eve and give up by the end of January. I am therefore going to make some promises.

1) To live each day to the fullest.
    2012 showed us that things can go wrong very quickly, with Elizabeth getting cancer and the loss of Kerry from Multiple Mummy it really does make you value each and every day.

2) To raise money for all the charities who have helped us so they can help other people.
    The list of charities that have helped us over the past few months is impressive and I will be making an effort to do what I can for each and every one of them. I am using Give as you Live to raise money for Starlight Foundation, I always donate to Ronald McDonalds House whenever I am in Mcdonalds and I donate to Children in Need every year. I am also growing my hair for the little princesses trust and I donate all our review toys to Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital but I still have Macmillan Cancer care and Clic Sargent to think about. I will start running again so will do the Great Manchester 10k again and I am sure there will be other things I can do too.

3) To get fitter
    Obviously the running will help me with this but I will also rejoin Slimming World. In between the girls I managed to lose quite a bit with Slimming World and it was an eating plan that I could happily stick too. Unfortunately our wedding, two young children and other commitments threw me off and I never got back on. I will also be listening to my Thinking Slimmer mp3 as this helped me when I started running last year. A combination of these three things and hopefully 2013 will be a success.

4) To fill up my piggy bank.
     This actually means two things for me, I will start transferring a regular amount into my savings account to help out when we need it most and that I will also fill up my metaphoric piggy bank with the kids. They need my love, attention and time more than they need anything else. 

My last promise is about this blog and my blogging life in general. I am going to continue to write, review and giveaway but I will also be working over at and Resource reviews is all about the educational value of toys using the 2012 EYFS and Blogsupnorth is about bringing together Northern Bloggers with Northern Brands or Public Relation companies. It will be getting very exciting with lots of great things already in the pipeline.

If I can keep these promises then 2013 will have to be better than 2012 no matter what life throws at us.

Other Things to look forward to in 2013

  • Butlins ambassadors get together
  • Lego Family Blogger opportunities
  • Toy Fair 2013
  • Blogs up North opportunities
  • 4 holidays already booked with Butlins
  • Our new car
  • Britmums Live
  • Elizabeth going back to school