Netflix Christmas Films #NetflixStreamTeam

I know Bonfire night has only just been and gone and Christmas is everywhere but I love it and now thanks to Netflix I don’t have to wait until December to start watching some of my favourite Christmas films. I have already noticed that some of them are starting to creep into my suggested viewing list and I am definitely OK with that. In fact I decided to have a search for Christmas films and see what treasures I can find to keep the whole family entertained.

With Cartoon classics, fun family films and even some more grown up Christmas humour there really is something for everyone.Here are my six favourite Christmas programmes to watch as a family but there are so many more.

Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas
Home Alone
Beethovens Christmas Adventure
Black Adders Christmas Carol
The Santa Clause
Watching Christmas films together as a family is one of our favourite things to do at this time of year so grab your popcorn, get yourself comfy and find your favourite family film.