My #roomforimprovement

At the beginning of last week I became aware of a project that a few of the bloggers I socialise with were taking part in. The project consisted of being given £50 to spend on making any improvement to a room in your house.

I jumped at the chance to take part and then picked my brains over which room deserved the most attention. Our bedroom is the one that needs the most work but with less than a week to enter and knowing it will cost more than £50 I decided to finish off a room I started a long time ago.

When I painted our downstairs bathroom it was with the knowledge that I would be childminding. This would be the children’s bathroom.

This meant that it was not well lovely and was basically a dumping ground for all things child related.

Its awful, cluttered and completely and utterly awful to use. I would rather walk all the way upstairs to a more grown up bathroom than to use this one. Last week I got invited along to HomeSense for a blogging event and so with £50 in hand I went on a spending spree with Elizabeth and Alison to help me.

I actually blew the budget by a whole £1.44 and managed to get so much. I had planned to fix up the paint work with the excess paint I have in the cupboard and maybe do a bit more work on making the storage look good but with Elizabeth admitted into hospital on Thursday and only getting out today I am glad that I had an easy fall back. Its amazing how a few small items can have such a huge difference on the look and feel of a room and I will now walk downstairs to use this bathroom and happily invite guests to use it too.

I bought the following items which I then used to transform the look of the bathroom.

  • Bathroom mats
  • Door hanger
  • Two storage boxes
  • Toilet Roll holder
  • Handwash pump
  • Soap dish
  • Toilet brush
  • Photo frame

I also swapped the black towel for a purple one we had in a different bathroom. The results were amazing.

It is hard to say which of the products are my favourite but I think the photo frame is the one that catches my eye first. Elizabeth was the proud chooser of the door hanger and bathroom mats and I am impressed with her choices as they match the colours of the room and the other items really well.

So there you have it, our choice of room was our downstairs bathroom and this is our entry for the Money Supermarket Room for Improvement competition for which I was given £50.