Mummy Failures

As a parent I have made lots of mistakes, little mistakes that soon turn into big mistakes and big regrets.

Both my girls had dummies and I was adamant that they would give them up by the time they turned 2 and they did. They gave up there dummies easily and they gave up there bottles by swapping them with anywayup cups.

The anywayup cups is where the problem lies. Every night the girls had an anywayup Cup of milk to take to bed, Elizabeth being a bad sleeper occasionally wanted more milk so in the end I started giving her two bottles at bed time, one for when she went to bed and one for when she woke up. I admit it I messed up. She started drinking both when she went to bed and still woke up for more.

Well enough is enough, yesterday the anywayup cups disappeared. Gone never to be seen again. Last night went well the kids were tired and after minimal arguments they went to sleep with no milk. Tonight is harder, they haven’t actually asked for there milk but with the heat agitating them and the excitement of summer holidays they just wont sleep.

I wish they would just