Multiple Mummy

The blogging world has had a rough year and everytime something dreadful has happened the community has once again shown us how fabulous it really is.

The first time I was aware of this amazing spirit was when Multiple Mummy had a Brain aneurysm. Every day Kerry is in our thoughts but today is special. Today the blogging community will be praying, thinking and generally talking about the wonderful smiling person that is Multiple Mummy. I have met Kerry on a few occasions and the smile on her face is always contagious, she is such a “lovely” person who accepts and talks to everyone and anyone. I certainly miss reading about all her antics and even though Multiple Daddy is trying hard its just not the same.

Even with my own problems this summer, Kerry has continued to be in my thoughts and I wish her a speedy recovery.

One of the lovely ladies (Alice Baillie from My life, my son, my way) I speak to on facebook made up a little poem which I prefer over praying.


Thinking of you Kerry, today and everyday x