Moshi Monsters Series 11 Countdown day 15

Day fifteen and only one more day to go before the Series 11 Moshlings are officially launched. 


Name and Species

Freddie the Seb-Swaddling Guzzler

Personality: Protective, boisterous, devoted.

Mini Bio

Seb-Swaddling Guzzlers are meant to deliver the mail, but they can’t fit many letters in their bulging beaks because they are always finding strange little critters called Sebs to take care of. If you spot a Guzzler without a Seb in its beak, look under its cap and you’re sure to find one snuggling underneath.

Habitat: Seb-Swaddling Guzzlers live on the cliffs of the TakiTaki Islands but they often release their Sebs on Clickenham Green.

Likes: Fish heads and sand sculptures.

Dislikes: Ghost pirates and disposable diapers.