Moshi Monsters Moshling Series 9 countdown – Day 8 Swizzle


Name and Species  Swizzle the Swaggering Swine

Affected, preposterous, boastful.

Mini Bio

Maybe it’s their terrible eyesight but Swaggering Swines simply can’t walk in a straight line. They usually swagger along the street in a preposterous fashion, before stopping to ‘tag’ walls with graffiti using their rubbery, ink-soaked snouts. And don’t be fooled by the blingy necklaces – they’re just great big pineapple rings!

Habitat: Head to Ker-Ching Canyon and you’re sure to see a few of these trotter-tapping characters snorting along to the latest tunes.

Pineapple rings and loud snorting.

Flashy Foxes and lampposts.

Rank: 150
            Rarity: Rare

Elizabeth thinks that Swizzle is really cool but maybe he thinks he is a bit too cool. She also thinks he will crash into lots of things if he cant walk straight and that he is very naughty for drawing on the walls. She also says that he is very silly for wearing pineapple as a necklace.