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Little monkeys set for epic school holiday fun with online Games challenge

It’s on your marks, get set, go! for a summer of online sporting action and thrills for kids, as the Epic Monkey Games are launched on MiniMonos – the virtual world for children who love to play and love the environment.

An electrifying array of activities awaits visitors to MiniMonos Island looking to escape boredom during the school holidays.

Explode out of the blocks and try to make it first across the finish line in the Beach Sprint, get head and shoulders above the field for Monkey Jump and hold your nerve and put accuracy to the test on the Archery range.

You can also show your team spirit by taking part in games of football, beach volleyball and basketball, or hitting the stands to cheer on your friends as they try to defeat the opposition.

Little monkeys can get into the swing of the competition by joining other members of the MiniMonos universe to score points and push their nation to the top of the leader board – with a whole host of virtual rewards up for grabs for winners, including trophies and credits to be exchanged for special sporting items.

To enhance the Epic Monkey Games experience, kids can purchase in-world costumes, tracksuits and commemorative items for their monkey’s tree house, as well as visiting the MiniMonos stadium and becoming a VIP to enter the gold lounge for an exclusive view of the presentation ceremonies.

Get under starters orders now at, and make the summer go with a bang!

The Epic Monkey Games give you the chance to get involved with all sorts of activities –
Free Dive – Dive is deep as you can and win medals
Monkey Fist – Play with Wu Lee and win games of Monkey Fist to earn medals
Monkey Flight – Fly as far as you can, remember use the trampolines to go as far as you can.
Ca-ching – Catch the junk out of the whirlpool and earn your medals, you need to be quick and watch out for the anchor
Banana Splat – hit the target and make banana smoothies, the official drink of the epic games
Tennis Smash – Keep the ball in the air and smash those piggy banks!!
Football – Form a team and win at the Champion’s field.

We have our own little MiniMono called Colours63, the girls have great fun watching her as we take part in all the different activities. I have to do most of the controlling of Colours63 but they do tell me where to go and what to do.

This is like a younger version of Club Penguin but with Monkeys. It teaches them about recycling, the environment and team work.

You can get a 6 month gold membership by filling in the form below.

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