Making changes

Last night I did something that I have been meaning to do in a long time, I rejoined Slimming World.

I know that all the trips to the hospital and Elizabeth’s steroid indiced addiction to McDonalds have not been helping my waist line and I also know that I should have been doing something about it but there was always an excuse. Well there are no more excuses, I hate being fat and I know that I can do better.

Preparation, planning and the knowledge that it will only work if I stick to it should keep me going. Slimming world is all about eating the right foods most of the time and still enjoying life so I know that on those occassions when I really want chocolate then I can. I just have to choose my chocolate carefully. Did you know a large Curly wurly only has 6 Syns, I think I have found my new snack of choice.

When in group no one ever knows your weight, they only know your losses and that is a good thing because I was embarassed when I stepped on those scales yesterday. I could not believe how much I weigh, I think it is my heaviest ever but that just spurs me on to lose even more.

I can no longer blame my underactive thyroid for making me fat, the food that goes into my body is what is making me fat and I am the only one who controls that. So I am once again taking control and I hope that the next time you see me there will be a lot less of me to see.