Top ways to make your own Valentines card

Nothing says I care as much as a handmade personal gift, but my problem is that I really struggle for inspiration. I am great at designing something once I get inspired but finding that inspiration can be tricky. Creating your own Valentine’s Card doesn’t need to be difficult and depending on your level of craftiness and the equipment you have available you can create something that looks amazing really easily. Take a look at these top ways to make your own Valentine’s cards using a variety of methods.

Paper Cutting

Now if you are really crafty then I highly recommend you take a look at paper cutting. This is definitely a craft for someone with a steady hand and a good eye for detail but the end results are stunning. Paper cutting is very intricate work and depending on the design it can take hours to implement so do bear this in mind if you are up against a deadline. You can still find some stunning designs that are not as complicated which could be a good place to start. One of my good friends does them and I am always amazed at how delicate and detailed the finished results are. All you need is a paper cutting template, a craft mat, and a good quality cutting knife.


Another great way of creating your own Valentine’s cards is by using a Cricut machine. Obviously, you need one of these to be able to do this but they are becoming very popular with at-home crafters. Cricut is a great way of getting a professional finish to the design and allows you to download SVG cuts to use to create your designs. The great thing about Cricut is that it doesn’t just cut paper, it can also cut felt, vinyl, and fabric among other things which will really help to bring your designs to a whole new level.


For me, my skills definitely live within a computer, and being able to download themed SVG files to use within the design programmes I utilise on a day-to-day basis really helps to bring my designs to life. Just one file contained 100 hand-drawn vector doodles that allowed me to pick and choose and create my own Valentine’s cards. When you buy SVG files from Design Bundles you also receive them in a variety of formats including JPG, PNG, AI, DXF, and EPS which means that you have the flexibility to use the design software you are most comfortable with.

By hand

If you really wanted to make something, without any outside help then a nice hand-drawn picture or heartfelt sentiment will still make a huge impact and so much more than choosing a card from a rack in your local supermarket. Try to think back on a moment or memory that means a lot to you both and use that as a basis for your design. That small thought will mean so much on the day and no one can resist such a romantic gesture.

So there you have it, whether you are crafty with a knife, a computer or a pen, you can create a stunning Valentines Card that will mean the world to the one you love and make you feel proud of your achievement.