Ways to Make your Home More Efficient

I’ve recently become a lot more conscious about how much money we spend on the running of our household. Over the years our household bills have increased and of course, some of that is natural due to the inflation of the cost of living. I think however that overall we certainly aren’t being as efficient as we could. This lapse means that not only is my house likely costing more to run than it needs to its also not great for the environment! If you want to try and make your home more efficient I’ve put together some simple changes that could make a big difference.

LED Light Bulbs

A very simple and easy way to make your home more efficient is to change out any standard light bulbs and replace them with energy-efficient LED bulbs. LED bulbs are the latest and most energy-efficient light bulb on the market. There is no warm-up time like with historic energy efficient bulbs which means there is no inconvenience. Initially, the cost to purchase LED bulbs is higher than that of a standard bulb, however, they have a longer lifespan and they cost a fraction of the cost to run which results in an overall saving that’s worth making.

Check your Heating

If you have an older central heating system that isn’t working as efficiently as it was originally, consider having this looked into. It may be that a simple part replacement could have things running more effectively. I’ve been researching parts and there is a selection by Grundfos at Pump Sales Direct that may be what you need. Of course, there would be a bigger outlay for something like this however if it makes everything more efficient in the long run it will be a saving overall.

Bleed Your Radiators

If when your radiators are on they are only warm in certain parts and cold in others they may need bleeding. Making sure you bleed the radiators means they can work to the best of their ability. It can make a real difference to the amount of heat and efficiency of them. It’s really simple to do and costs nothing but it’s one of those tasks that we can easily forget to check.

Use Draft Excluders

If you have external doors that allow in a draft use draft excluders to prevent this. It’s tempting to just turn up the heating but if a draft is getting in that heat is also escaping so just becomes less and less efficient overall. Keeping doors closed between rooms can also help contain heat and allow rooms to heat up faster.

Invest in Double Glazing

Most newer built houses have double glazing as standard but some older houses need upgrading. There are so many benefits to having double glazed windows installed such as safety and noise reduction. Double glazing can also reduce heat loss and save money on heating bills in the long term. The initial outlay is definitely an investment but if you can afford to upgrade it will absolutely be worth it.

Do you have any tips for making your home more efficient?