Lots of fun in London

A few weeks ago I went to London early on a Sunday morning for a day full of adventure. It was the ultimate childrens day out, a few hours in Hamleys whilst it was closed to the public, lunch at Planet Hollywood and then a wander around Ripleys Believe it or not.

Ok so the weather could have been better but it was still a really good day. 

To start off we wandered around Hamleys, looking at all the displays, listening to a puppet show and adding to our ever growing Christmas lists.

After Hamleys we headed for lunch at Planet Hollywood. It should have been fairly uneventful apart from the near death experience of my little brother (15) who decided to stuff too much chicken in his mouth and choked on it! He was Ok and thankfully I didnt have to use my first aid skills on him. 

After stuffing our faces with food we headed to Ripleys believe it or not. This was somewhere that I have been wanting to take the girls for a long time and I was not disappointed. There was so much to see and do and we really had fun looking around everything. 

We particularly enjoyed the interactive experiences especially the graffiti wall. 

The girls still mention some of the things they have seen which means that it was educational as well as fun which is exactly the sort of activity I enjoy. 

Being able to touch, climb and generally get involved in the exhibits meant that it was an enjoyable experience all round and one that I am looking forward to repeating again soon. 

Ripleys believe it or not had a huge variety of things to look at and each of us liked different things. Elizabeth enjoyed watching the film showing the cat who only eats with cutlery, Alison enjoyed the mirror maze and my brother enjoyed the laser game. Ripleys believe it or not is a fantastic place for the whole family to enjoy and I would definitely recommend that you visit it to see all the weird and wonderous things the world has on offer.