Lollibop has moved!

It is the announcement I have been dying to make for weeks not only do we know where Lollibops home for 2013 is but we also know the dates and tickets will be on sale soon!

LolliBop, The Big Bash for Little People, is coming to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London on August 16-18.

As a family we have been to LolliBop since their first event in 2011 and Queen  Elizabeth Olympic Park will be an awesome venue giving them the opportunity to create an even more exciting and dynamic family day out.

Returning LolliBoppers will see old favourites mixed with new attractions for 2013, including: LolliBop Live, Lollipalladiam, The LolliBop Kitchen, Tween Town, Imagination Stations, Science Zone, LolliSports, 3ft & Under, Enchanted Forest and The Village Green with live music, craft stalls and street theatre, making it an ideal spot for a picnic.

We had an amazing time last year and it was only a few weeks before Elizabeth was diagnosed so was one of our happiest memories from last August. Below are some photos of some of our highlights.

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