Let’s start saving – your summer holiday saving tips

Despite the horrendous weather we’re experiencing at the moment, it’s safe to say that Spring is on the way. So, if you’re a busy parent who’s juggling family life, your busy schedule and your money then now is the time you should start looking at your annual family break.

You may think you won’t have the funds to indulge in a holiday this year but think again. There are plenty of ways you can start saving a little money and regardless of if your holiday is on the other side of the world or a couple of hours drive away, you’ll still get the opportunity to make plenty of memories with your family.

Read on for some simple summer holiday saving tips you can start right now!

Switch to vape

Are you a smoker? Most smokers have tried to quit at some point in their lives, but did you know that if you make the switch to vape products, you could be saving money? That’s another good incentive! Vape products like the ones on this website can help you take a step closer to quitting smoking for good and also put a stop to your weekly spend on cigarettes. Give them a try!

Sign up to a cashback site

Cashback is literally just that. Cashback! When you purchase items from particular sites (there are usually hundreds of popular and frequently uses online stores to choose from) you then receive a certain percentage of the money you have spent, back. It can vary from 2% to a massive 25% and sometimes rather than a percentage you can receive gifts or X amount money back into your account. These sites are free, and you literally have nothing to lose – it’s a fantastic way to save up some extra money for your family holiday.

Take the basics along

Whether you’re heading to a sun-kissed beach or you’re enjoying a sunny caravan holiday in the countryside, make sure you take the basics along with you to reduce costs. If you’re self-catering then things like cupboard and fridge staples are an absolute must. Also, remember to bring toiletries and all your chargers and sunglasses etc. Having to pay for all these items again will take a huge chunk out of your holiday spending money.

Avoid the “perks”

If you’re booking a resort or a flight, companies like to try to tempt you into purchasing frills under the guise of necessities to bump up your final payment. Things like window seats, various insurance coverage, fast check-in etc. Don’t be duped into spending more than you have to. You don’t need these extras!

Does anyone really need new clothes?

The idea of purchasing a whole new holiday wardrobe for you and the kids is exciting and all part of the fun! But do you really need new clothes? Shorts, t-shirts, socks and trainers for the kids, a couple of dresses, sun hats and sandals for you. Most of these items you probably already have tucked away in your cupboards from last year. Consider hand-me-downs for the kids and spread the cost as much as possible!