I hate the post office

Just look at those parcels!! Now if they were inbound parcels that would be great but they are not. These are parcels that I have to post. In fact they are parcels I should have posted about a week ago and I keep putting it off. Why I hear you ask. Well I hate the post office.

I don’t use the word hate very often but I really do hate going to the post office. You go in and there is a huge queue and then you stand there and realise that actually only one of the twenty people in front of you have a parcel to send. ONE! The others are collecting benefits, paying bills or withdrawing money. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t want to stop them doing that but I shouldn’t have to stand behind them and wait. If i wanted to wait for someone to do that i will go and stand in line in a bank.

My post office has a short cut queue for people wanting foreign money. Yep you can skip the queue if you want foreign money but not if you actually want to use the post office for what it was designed for and actually send a letter or a parcel.

Anyway I digress, I have these parcels and the owners really want them so I need to find another way of getting them there. They bought them in my charity sale for Macmillan Cancer care over two weeks ago. I looked at Rapid Parcel and actually the amount it costs is easy covered by the payment I got for this post. To make things even better they can come and collect them tomorrow so I don’t even have to worry about leaving the house and I can rest assured that they will be with their rightful owners by the end of the week.

Atleast that is one less thing to worry about now all I have to do is pack from 10 days away as a family including fathers day, Elizabeths 5th birthday and Britmums Live. Now where is my list.